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Tetra is a two-player game. On each turn, place a piece on the board and choose the piece that your opponent will play next.

These are the 16 pieces:

Each piece has 4 properties:
- Size (big or small)
- Shape (circle or cross)
- Color (red or blue)
- Style (solid or hollow)


To win the game, you must get 4-in-a-row of pieces that are similar.

How can pieces be similar to each other?

They could be all the same shape
(4 circle or cross in a row):

They could be all the same color
(4 red or blue in a row):

They could be all the same style
(4 solid or hollow in a row):

They could be all the same size
(4 big or small in a row):


The game ends when one player creates a 4-in-a-row of similar pieces. The 4-in-a-row can be vertical, horizonal, or diagonal.

The game can also end in a tie if all 16 pieces have been played and nobody has won, though this is hard to do!

A tie might look like this:


When a new game is started, a random piece is given to the first player. The player places the piece on the board then selects a remaining piece to send to their opponent.

The opponent plays the selected piece on the board then selects another remaining piece and sends it back to the first player.

Each player continues playing their assigned piece on the board and sending their opponent a piece until a player places a winning piece or the game ends in a tie.

Players may place the piece they receive on any open space on the board.

Players may choose any of the remaining pieces to send to their opponent (no player is assigned a specific color or shape, for instance).

Remember that you choose the piece your opponent will play next, so be careful not to give them a piece that could be a winner!

Good luck, have fun!

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